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Dr. John Kahen, M.D.
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Welcome to Beverly Hills Hair Restoration - a clinic that strives to be ahead of the curve in the field of hair transplant surgery, corrective hair restoration and medical hair loss treatments. Our clinic is dedicated to optimal service and care for each and every one of our patients. We strive to perform hair transplant procedures that yield natural results so our patients experience the difference in hair restoration.

    The experience at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is above and beyond. Founder and Medical Director Dr. John Kahen M.D. is highly trained in hair transplant surgery, with an extensive medical background in surgery that contributes to both his professionalism and focus on quality control in all his procedures. His medical background is in both general surgery and organ transplant surgery.


    All of the surgeons and technicians at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration practice quality control over the entire procedure using innovative technology and best practices in hair transplant surgery. Our clinic is known for providing optimal services while also doing what is ultimately best for the patient and their goals.


    The most important reason to choose Beverly Hills Hair Restoration is for the results. Our clinic is known for artistry in hair restoration and a natural hairline that is undetectable with minimal scarring for the patient.


    The medical staff and surgeons at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration strives to achieve artistic and technical perfection in every procedure. The refinements and techniques achieved by our clinic set us apart from a typical bargain clinic. 


    All surgeons and medical staff at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration are held to the highest standards of patient care and hair restoration surgery to insure a comfortable and positive experience for each and every person that walks through the door.


    A truly well designed, aesthetic hairline is created with one follicular graft at a time on the hairline. The technique adopted by our clinic allows the surgeons to use the smallest recipient incisions for natural results and the quickest recovery for the patient.

Choosing a hair surgeon that suits all of your needs is your ultimately decision. At Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, we understand choosing a surgeon is a contemplative process. Therefore, we would be more than honored to treat and reverse your hair loss. Selecting Dr. Kahen as YOUR hair surgeon will be the best life changing decision. Here are a few reasons why:
Signature Formula & Technique

As the pioneer in platelet-rich plasma, Dr. Kahen is the innovator of his signature formula : SmartPRP® A formula that cannot be found in any other clinic. A promising formula design for all patients whether or not they are undergoing a hair procedure. The formula ought to provide optimal results in strengthening, nourishing follicle and stimulating the wound healing process.

Dr. Kahen conducts award winning techniques in FUE and FUT which granted him the Best Hair Restoration Procedure 2016 award recognizing his unrivaled placement of grafts and conduction of hair procedures in his patients.

Meticulous Attention

I am devoted to all patients! As my patient you deserve a personalized visit. I care about every question or concern you may have, therefore I conduct in-depth consultations to get to know my patients, as they will get to interact and get to know me, personally. Hair procedures are not the exception. Placement of grafts and creating incisions are performed with the most delicate manner giving you a pain-free experience.

Leading Technology

We utilize the most innovating equipment and machines to give you the latest in hair restoration. We rely on a world leading centrifuge system able to defy speed by collecting 1 billion platelets in under 15 mins. Microsteel incision blades define into custom edge blades for precision in FUE procedures. Unique formulas as Platelet-Rich Plasma and SmartPRP® are incorporated into our hair treatments and hair procredures.

Proven Results

Dr. Kahen is committed to continually changing the lives of many patients suffering from hair loss. His results display the wide range of diverse patients he has gained throughout the years. His extensive expertise in hair restoration is displayed on our before and after page. Also, you can view before and after photos on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Most importantly, Dr. Kahen's results have impressed many satisfied patients which have featured his work in notable television channels as well as magazines.